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Friday, April 24, 2009

How to purchase a piano

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PIANO : How to purchase
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How to Purchase a Piano?

Recently I purchased a Yamaha Digital Keyboard. I am giving here the method I followed for the purchase.

Don't rely on my information completely. Use it for your preliminary investigation.

Because, these information may go obsolete after certain time.

Do lot of research before any costly purchase. Otherwise, you will regret later


Step : 1

Step 1: I consulted one of my friends who is composing music for TV Serials.

He asked me, "What is your budget and what is the exact use of the Piano?"

I told " My budget is around Rs.12,000. My daughter is going to Music Class. She is now having very small Keyboard which is quiet OK for carrying to the class. But I want to get her a slightly bigger Piano for practising in home."

He told, "Yamaha is OK for learners.

Yamaha PSR E-313 is about Rs. 15,000

Yamaha PSR E-413 is about Rs. 20,000.

And a latest and a very good model has come.

It is Yamaha PSR-I 425

Its Price is about Rs.21,000

Step : 2

I decided to go for E 413 Model which is about Rs.20,000.

I searched YOUTUBE.COM with search key words " yamaha psr e413 ".

Hundreds of videos were there.
I watched some of the videos and got the feel of the instrument and I was quite satisfied.

I have embedded some of those videos here. You can go through thsese videos.

Video 2 for Yamaha PSR E413 Demo
Video 1 for Yamaha PSR E413 digital Keyboard
Video 3 Yamaha PSR E413 digital Keyboard Bass Test

Then I tried to find out the APPROXIMATE price as well as the LATEST models available in the market.

I checked BAJAAO.COM which exclusively deals witth Musical instruments.

I have given here the screen shot of my search and the result. I think this site is applicable only for India.

Screenshot of Search page

Output of my search result looks like this:

Next Step
Now I am equipped with enough information to handle the dealers. But how to find out the dealers or shops which are nearer to my location?

I browsed JUSTDIAL.COM and

searched for"yamaha digital keyboard at delhi".

A number of dealer addresses and their phone numbers were displayed.

I contacted some of these shops over phone and enquired their rates and decided from whom I have to purchase. It is very simple. Isn't it?

PART of Screen shot of search result is given below.

Which company is the best?

Which manufacturer is the best?

Basically, all are equally good. But, those who are doing frequent stage-performance, go for KORG.

Learners purchase Yamaha. Those who are concious of money go for Casio because it is very cheap (about 50% of yamaha).

As for as I am concerned, I have purchased a Casio for about Rs.2000 for carrying to the Class (because it is small and easy to carry and need not worry for rough handling). And,a bigger Yamaha for practising at home. Don't forget to purchase the Cover for the bigger ones. Dust is the number one enemy for pianos.


You can follow such kind of method, not only for piano, but for purchase of any article.

By the way, technically speaking, the above instruments are not just pianos.

They are Digital Keyboards.

Piano is one of the functions. You can play other instruments as well.

Indians can go for PSR I-425 (about Rs.21,000) instead of PSR E-413 (about Rs.20,000). Because I-425 has some india specific instruments as well.

I think, the "I" in its name I-425 stands for "INDIA".

That is all for today.

Bye from Nora Lamens April 29, 2009

Free piano lessons.

To learn piano, there is only one way. You have to join a Piano Class.

Ofcourse there are certain web sites which are teaching piano lessons, totally free.  is one such free site.

This site has the following topics


The Basics
Your first Piece
Whole/Half Tones
Common Chords
Simple Tunes
Slash Chords
Advanced Chords
Chord Revision
More Tunes
By : Preeti chennai
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